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Contact us today to visit our Eden Prairie showroom!

Premium Quality. Premium Value.

Select from pre-designed modules or customize to your liking!

Want affordable garage storage? Select from pre-designed cabinet modules.

Meet our family of craftsmen!

What can over 35 years of experience building cabinetry offer you?

Almost unlimited customization options!

Make your dream garage a reality! Customize your ideal garage organizational system today.

Storage At A Savings
Direct From Local Professionals

With MN Garage Cabinets Direct there are no dealers,

no middle-man. Get top-of-the-line garage cabinets at a price below our competition.  


After building industrial-grade cabinetry in retail stores for the past 35+ years, we're able to offer you the highest quality craftsmanship and materials, efficiently designed and constructed using cutting-edge technology and equipment.  

Are you designing from scratch, remodeling your man cave, or adding-on?


MN Garage Cabinets Direct would be proud to work with you on a cabinet system that suits your organizational needs plus look great for generations.


Avoid going with cheap materials that will leave you paying for them twice in the end, and don't pay marked-up prices just to get quality cabinets. 

Talk with the MN GCD Team today, schedule a visit at our Eden Prairie showroom, and see the difference firsthand. 



  • Durable, attractive, industrial grade laminate garage cabinets


  • No dealer markups - low pricing you only get buying direct


  • Premium materials and commercial grade hardware that lasts for generations


  • Pre-assembled cabinet modules provide savings, durability, and ease of installation


  • Creativity and customization are encouraged


  • Easy to clean, underneath and on all surfaces in all seasons


  • Personal service from a skilled team with 35+ years of cabinetry experience

MN Garage Cabinets Direct

by Star Three, LLC



12915 Pioneer Trail

Eden Prairie, MN 55347



Schedule a showroom visit today!




Cabinet Layouts


The Craftsmen

What sets us apart?

After walking through a number of big box stores to look at what kind of garage storage was for sale, we noticed something. 
To buy their cabinets, your options are limited to two extremes:
1. You either buy an inexpensive, but cheaply-made, set
     - or -
2. You pay an unnecessary amount to get the quality you deserve
So how do you get the best of both worlds? 
MN Garage Cabinets Direct brings you that rare value combination.  We love when our customers have done their comparison homework and we'll listen to you to make sure you get the cabinets you've been dreaming of.
Tap the button below to schedule a visit at our Eden Prairie showroom, or to ask any questions you might have.
Measurement Tool

Looking for pricing?


Get an estimate without the hassle of coordinating an in-home visit.


Use our easy measurement guide to tell us what you need in just a matter of minutes.  

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